Carré twill de soie 90 x 90 cm / Châle cachemire et soie 140 x 140 cm

Montserrat Gonzalez-Lugo

(Monet Lugo)

L’Arbre du ventis a tribute to Huichol people of Mexico’s western Sierra Madre – also known as the Wixáritari – and their polytheistic religion, worshipping the divinity inherent in every aspect of the natural world. At its centre, the carrédepicts the eye of god, the protector, surrounded by the four elements, marking the four corners of the Huichol world: Mother Water, the origin of life, Tatei Haramara; Earth, the soul of the world, Tatei Yurianaka, with two hummingbirds fluttering above, symbolising the souls of traditional shamans; Grandfather Fire, Tatehuari, and Air, Kieiri, the Wind Tree. Mexican artist Montserrat Gonzalez-Lugo has taken inspiration from traditional bead embroideries and threaded wool pictures to depict the essence of Huichol spirituality.

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